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            MR.Furniture Co.,Ltd



            Suxi industrial zone, Longjiang Town, Shunde, Foshan, Guangdong

            Hot products

            • Modern Dining Chairs
            • Living Homes Dining Chairs
            • Living Spaces Dining Chairs
            • Outdoor Dining Chairs
            • Gold Upholstered Dining Chairs
            MR Furniture is one of the Biggest Furniture Supplier In China. Who is Focus on Making Chairs,Website:http://www.furnitersupplier.com, Table, Sofa and so on. We have our Own Production line for the Metal. Wooden, Fiberglass, Marble which enable us to provide our Customer with very Great Quality and Competitive Price. We running business in more than 100 countries and regions. It now has factory building area of 200,000 square meters and finished-product warehouse center of 80,000 square meters. Beside, its 20,000 square meters large modern luxury product showroom, newly built with a huge investment, has been put into use.