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        Hebei Deepiont Biotechology CO.LTD



        No.68, , Huaian road,Qiaoxi district, Shijiazhuang, Hebei ,China

        5cladb ,5cladba,CBD, cannabidiol, 5fmdmb2201
        • 5cladb ,5cladba,CBD, cannabidiol,  5fmdmb2201
        Product Name: 5cladb ,5cladba,CBD, cannabidiol, 5fmdmb2201
        Keywords: 5cl,5cladba, 5fmdmb2201
        Category Chemicals Organic Chemical Materials
        Post Time: 06 July 2020
        Expiry Date: 06 July 2021
        Place of origin: Shijiazhuang
        Supply Ability: 500kg
        Brand Name: DEEPIONTBIO
        Price: 1
        Min.Order: 1g
        storage: store in a cool dry place and keep away from direct strong light products can be customized according to customer demand. whatsapp/skype/telegram; +8617085067929 E-mail; Mandy@deepiont.com