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        Metal Titanium Co., Ltd



        Caijiapo, Baoji City, Shaanxi Province, China

        Hot products

        • titanium tectanglar tube
        • Titanium Square Tube
        • Capillary Titanium Tube
        • Lead dioxide coated titanium anode
        • electrode titanium plate
        • Platinum Coated Titanium Anode
        • Ir-Ta Coated Titanium Anode
        • titanium anode for water treatment
        • Titanium anode for disinfection
        • Ru-Ir Coated Titanium Anode
        • porous titanium tube
        • porous titanium plate
        • spherical titanium powder
        • Titanium alloy powder
        • Titanium metal powder
        Qishan Metal Titanium Co., Ltd. (MTCO) was established in 2000,Website:https://www.metal-ti.com, and located in Caijiapo Economic and Technological Development Zone, Baoji City, Shaanxi Province, China where adjoins to China Titanium Valley. MTCO is a high-tech enterprise specialized in high quality titanium sponge powder, titanium alloy powder, porous titanium plate and tube, titanium anode and other special shaped titanium metal products.