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        Hunan Huae Microwave Technology Co., Ltd.



        Lugu International Industrial Park, No. 229, West Tongzipo Road, High-Tech Development Zone, Changsh

        Hot products

        • 70mm tube furnace
        • Vertical Tube furnace
        • Vacuum Sintering Furnace
        • Vacuum Heat Treatment Furnace
        • Microwave Pyrolysis Reactor
        • Controlled Atmosphere Furnace
        • Graphene Manufacturing Equipment
        • Box Furnace
        • Quartz tube furnace
        • ash furnace
        • Ashing Furnace 1100
        • Ashing Furnace
        • Muffle Oven
        • Electric muffle furnace
        • Tubular furnace
        Huae has been developing and manufacturing industrial as well as laboratorial thermo equipment for different applications since its establishment. Huae offers a wide range of furnaces worldwide and has been highly appreciated by customers home and abroad. Huae provides a whole set of mechanical and electrical solutions to our customers,Website:https://www.globalhuae.com, which makes it possible for precisely controlling as well as remote monitoring of thermal treatment. Our senior engineers spare no efforts to improve the temperature uniformity, energy efficiency and products durability of our equipment to enhance our competition advantage.