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            Track Rollers Bearings

            Features Specifications:Track Rollers Bearings

            Cylindrical roller bearings mostly consist of the cage, the rollers guided by two capped edges on a ring. It is a separable bearing, convenient f its assembly disassembly especially it has the advantages in a condition that the interference is required assted with inner ring, outer ring housing. The bearing of this type can nmally take the radial load, on the other h, single row cylindrical roller bearing with ribbed inner ring ribbed outer ring can take smaller axial load intermittent axial load, this kind of bearing has a larger carrying capacity of axial load compare with the deep-grooves ball bearing. The structure of the bearing showing that it runs very well under high rotational speed.

            Cylindrical roller bearings without outer ring capped edge

            Company Information

            Changzhou Yangjia Needle Roller Bearing Factory Sales Department

            • Country/Region:China
            • Business Nature:Manufacturing
            • Phone:86-0519-86582022
            • Contact:yangwenze(Other)
            • Last Active:04 June 2010

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