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        • YOKOGAWA ALR121-S00

        YOKOGAWA ALR121-S00

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        Features Specifications:YOKOGAWA ALR121-S00

        Tel:18050035546 E-mail: zhexunelectric@qq.com Xiamen ZheXun Electric Automation Co., Ltd is a leading global industrial supplier in China, specializing in automation control systems module and spare parts with many years.The company camp world`s well-known brands:Bently Nevada, ABB,GE,Rockwell,Foxboro, Invensys Triconex, Westinghouse, Schneider Modicon,Siemens,Woodward,GE FANUC,Motorola,Yaskawa,Bosch Rexroth,Rosemount,EPRO,and so on. Bently Nevada 3500/92 136188-02 New factory sealed The proptime is then set to the measured value to prevent a conflict. The block I/O performs a background proptime check once a second. A sequential counter is started when a valid measured value is different than the current selected value. The proptime is set to the new measured value if the measured value remains the same for five sequential checks (five seconds). Our Advantage ZheXun Electric Automation Company,we strive to be the first supplier that our customers call for quick, reliable and customized service. ZheXun Camp ABB Allen Bradley Bently Nevada Siemens ICS Triplex Original Brands We Mainly Supply Honeywell Bently Nevada ABB Invensys Triconex GE Fanuc Products Related Products: 6GK1906-1JB00 6GK1906-1JB01 6GK1907-0AF00-0AA0 6GK1907-0DB10-6AA3 6GK1907-0DC106AA3 6GK1907-0FC10-0AA5 6GK1908-0DC10-6AA3 6GK1950-0AA06 6GK1950-0AA07 6GK1950-0AA08 6GK1950-0AB08 6GK1950-0AC08 6GK1950-1AA00 6GK1950-1AB00 6GK1951-0AA00 6GK1951-0AA61 6GK1952-0AA00 6GK1952-0BA00 6GK1970-1BA10-0AA0 6GK1970-1BA10-0AA1 6GK1970-1TA43-0AA0 6GK1970-1TA43-0AA1 6GK1970-5AB01-0AA0 6GK1970-5AB01-0AA1

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        Xiamen ZheXun Electric Automation Co.,

        • Country/Region:China
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        • Phone:86-000-18050035546
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