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            • new arrival!  30mg roxycodone  (betty@whzcchem.com)

            new arrival! 30mg roxycodone (betty@whzcchem.com)

            Features Specifications:new arrival! 30mg roxycodone (betty@whzcchem.com)

            Product name: new arrival! 30mg roxycodone (manufacturer) Cas No.:- Purity:99.8 Appearance: blue pills Package:1kg/Aluminum foil bag Application:Research purpose Production Capacity:500 Kilogram/Month Storage:Kept in a cool,dry and ventilated place PAYMENT:T/T,WEST UNION,PAYPAL,MONEY GRAM Please contact:betty(at)whzcchem(dot)com or sky_pe:bettywang436 for details We guarantee good quality products.100% refunded if parcel is not delivered or poor quality.

            Company Information

            WuHan Reessen BioChemical co., LTD

            • Country/Region:China
            • Business Nature:
            • Phone:86-027-87053159
            • Contact:bettyskype bettywang436(Sales)
            • Last Active:25 June 2014

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