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        • Betamethasone (Skype:star505 li)

        Betamethasone (Skype:star505 li)

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        Tel:86-027-50756108 Mobile/what's app:+8618872220763 E-mail:starli@ycphar.com Skype:star505 li/live:starli_7 Betamethasone CAS NO.: 378-44-9 Assay: 99% Molecular Formula:C28H37FO7 Molecular Weight:504.59 Specifications: CP2005/USP31/BP/EP Packing:1kg/tin/foil bag Appearance: White crystalline powder Usage: Hormone class medicine. Mainly used for anti-inflammatory and anti-allergy. Apply to rheumatoid arthritis and various skin diseases. The role of betamethasone with dexamethasone, the anti-inflammatory activity than dexamethasone, triamcinolone, hydrocortisone strong, less side effects

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        Hubei Yuancheng Xin Technology Co., Ltd.

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        • Phone:86-188-72220763
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